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Community Presbyterian Church

of St. Maries

Our mission is to worship God,
to proclaim and teach the message of Jesus Christ,
and to faithfully serve all God’s people.

Yakutat Presbyterian Church

“We are a very small church in Yakutat, Alaska, an isolated community of around 600 people and accessible only by plane and sometimes by ferry. Our congregation had its beginnings as an Alaska Native (Tlingit Indian) mission church. We’re on our own now, which has been especially challenging in today’s economy, but with God’s help, we continue to be a viable presence in our community.”

Explore our missions and feel good about helping.

Building Goodness


the ultimate construction experience

We bring together volunteers from every part of the construction industry to design and build structures for communities in need. Together with our partners, we use donations of time, money, materials, and expertise to build clinics, schools, community centers, and specialized housing for those who need them most—both in our own community and around the world. Non-construction volunteers are a critical part of our team. And, beyond the bricks and mortar of a new structure, BGF volunteers build lasting relationships with the people they are helping—relationships that profoundly improve the lives of all involved.

Senior Citizens Meal Site

The St. Maries Meal Site provides hot, healthy meals Monday, Wednesday and Friday of each week.  The noon meal is provided for a suggested donation of $5 for seniors and $6 for others.  The Community Presbyterian Church is proud to support the meal site with our missions contributions.  

St. Maries Food Bank

The husband-wife team from Spokane are working in Guatemala.  They have been to St. Maries twice to share their adventures and work.  Richard and Debbie work as consultants for indigenous peoples to establish relationships with presbyteries serving the indigenous membership of the National  Evangelical Presbyterian Church and the leadership of the national church.  Through these relationships, they will help indigenous people gain access to primary, vocational, and theological education.   Follow them on their blog site:   .

PC-USA Missionaries

Richard and Debbie Welch

Snack Pack Project

This successful mission project is putting together healthy, nutritious snacks to supplement the weekend food for our local Head Start children.  We want to help bridge the gap for these little ones  by providing snacks that do not need adult help to prepare  and provide extra nutrition for them on the weekends and school breaks.  A team of volunteers fill bags with 10-13 items for each child for each week throughout  the school year.

Little Free Pantry

“Take what you need,

Bring what you can…”

The Little Free Pantry is a small, weather tight cabinet that is stocked with non-perishable foods provided by anyone who has a little extra to spare and available for free to those who may need some help.  The pantry is located at the southwest corner of the church